A  well-regulated  Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,  the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Ivanovskis asks, “Why do you need a gun?”

The 2A was established for to mitigate TYRANNY by the government upon the governed, period (Federalist Paper #46).

Look at what’s happening in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, and Germany – countries I used to visit, who’s citizens are now taking to the streets. Worldwide, people are taking to the streets, en masse, to fight back against draconian stay-at-home-orders.

People are fed up, yet they are denied their God-given right to self-defense against tyrannical government.  As a flight attendant, I am no longer allowed to fly to those countries because I haven’t submitted to the unapproved mRNA injections, which for all intents and purposes may be a prelude to a “vaccine passport.”  What do all these countries have in common? Their peoples’ rights to keep their arms were gradually eroded, predicated on false claims.

I publicly pledge that if I am elected to Congress, I’ll readily join the 2nd Amendment Caucus and the House Freedom Caucus. I will vote against any anti-gun legislation, registration, including, but not limited to “red flag” laws.  How many incumbent RINOs voted for “red flags” alongside Democrats in the most recent National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?

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The United States is the last free bastion on Earth, and if America falls, so goes the rest of the world.

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