US Constitution

I pledge to support and defend the Constitution: the  Articles, Sections, Clauses, the Preamble, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence  – ALL OF IT.

Election Fraud

We must restore faith in our elections. Rigged elections are part of the de-stabilization of America – the slow, methodical process to overthrow the Federal Government.

Illegal Mandates

Regardless of origin, conspirators or culpability, Covid-19 was an attack on the United States and the world. In other words, we are at war – 5th Generation warfare.

Human Trafficking

Globalists,  masquerading as  socialists,  communists/fascist democrats, and RINOs,  are purposely destroying the country.  If we have no border, then we have no country.

2nd Amendment

I publicly pledge that if I am elected to Congress, I will vote against any anti-gun legislation, firearm registration, including, but not limited to “red flag” laws.

Fake News/Big Tech

FAKE NEWS & Big Tech have colluded to censor, CANCEL, suspend, FB “jail” those who dissent, speak freely, or don’t go along with the mainstream narrative – ON ANYTHING.

American History

I pledge to stop CRT (now SEL – Selective and Emotional Learning) in its tracks. This is a perversion of the facts as well as inflammatory and hateful “teaching.”

Support Our Campaign

Get Out and Vote

If we join together and make our voices heard, we can fight for the change we want to see in Congressional 3rd District (TX-03).

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