Until the November 3rd, 2020 Presidential Election “voting irregularities” are remedied, We, the American People, do not have faith in the legitimacy of elections.  If we continue using the same machines, software, voter registration and rolls, mail-in and drive-in ballots, no signatures, ballot tabulation inconsistencies, etc., it will cause further inexorable, subversive erosion of our Republic.

According to Sidney Powell, elections have been rigged for 21 years. Put simply, we can’t “vote more-RED,” or get “more voter turnout.”  Nevertheless, I entered this primary race determined to fight for our present and future generations – FIX what got us to November 3rd, 2020 or there is NO 2022, no 2024, etc.  We will effectively become a one-party state. Republicans and conservatives idly stood by as the Democrats filed 60+ lawsuits within six months of the 2020 election to change voter laws.  Why the lawsuits, and why no counteraction?

Former Collin County GOP Chairman, Mark Reid, in a November 20th, 2020 email blast to fellow Republicans, entitled “STOLEN ELECTION.”

Chairman  Reid wrote, “….it is time for ‘Free States’…’Republican States’…. Those that support the Constitution and the principles of Federalism, to stand up for the ideas on which our great nation was founded. We must fight against ‘Marxist States,’ the ‘Deep State’ and their allies in business and media who are actively trying to ‘fundamentally transform’ this nation……Deep state, one world politicians [emphasis mine], and Marxists forces have been engaged in one attempted coup after another……… Rigging this election is the only most recent attempt to drive President Trump out of office.”

Rigged elections are part of the de-stabilization of America, or Ideological subversion – the slow methodical process to overthrow the Federal Government.  In 1984, Soviet defector and former KGB propagandist, Yuri Bezmenov, conducted an interview warning Americans of the four phases of Ideological Subversion and of what was to come, and that we were well-underway.

Did anyone really listen?

On his radio program in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, radio talk show host, Glenn Beck, spoke of Ideological Subversion, but did anyone really listen?

I, Jeremy Ivanovskis, primary candidate for TX-03, am one of those Texans who demands a full forensic audit including, but not limited to, candidates and party chairs initiating audits by county clerks for State, County, and all local “down-ticket” elections. To remedy fraud, we must first:

  • Follow established and codified election laws;
  • Roll back changes to the elections laws the Democrats pushed through in the 6 months before the 2020 election;
  • Complete a full-forensic audit of all elections, including “down ticket” local races;
  • Scrub voter roles; *Texas Secretary of State on election fraud in Collin County
  • Ban or Secure voting machines;
  • One day, one vote;
  • No mail-in votes (except those authorized – deployed military, the infirm);
  • No drive-thru votes;
  • Voter ID (Carter-Baker Commission proposed uniform system of photo ID).
  • Audit all 50 States;
  • DECERTIFY the 2020 Presidential Election – WE KNOW TRUMP WON.
    Primary and replace RINOs;
  • Take back the U.S. House of Representatives;
  • RE-do the Presidential vote using watermarked, anti-fraud paper ballots;
    Nationwide voting on Election Day;
  • Prosecute those responsible - Big Tech conspirators (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, “Zuckerbucks”) and foreigners and foreign nations.

Wrapping up his STOLEN ELECTION email, Chairman Reid was hopeful when he mentioned the 87th Legislative Session would start Jan 12. 2021 [implying election integrity would be a focus].

With a Republican majority 87th Legislature, why didn’t HB16 get enacted?  Every single Texas Legislator should sign AZ Senator Wendy Rogers full forensic audit letter, aka ‘the new Declaration of Independence.’

In a November 29, 2021 “SAVE AMERICA” post, President Trump stated, “Mollie Hemingway’s bestselling book, Rigged, is a great read on the Corrupt Fake News Media and Big Tech’s interference in the 2020 Presidential Election, not to mention the corrupt election itself. They pulled out all the stops to take the election away from the People, and if we had more honest reporters like Mollie Hemingway, they wouldn’t be able to get away with it – more and more evidence of fraud and irregularities coming out, daily!”

If elected to Congress, I’ll will introduce legislation to swiftly ensure States’ Rights and election rules as outlined in the Constitutional are followed, as well as call to repeal those Court decisions (i.e. PA Supreme Court) in 2020 that negatively and egregiously affected all elections. I would also introduce legislation to ensure that ALL those who violate the aforementioned are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, no matter their position.

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