GOP Challengers Target Absent Incumbent in Congressional Debate

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Erin Anderson with Texas Scorecard wrote up on Saturday’s congressional candidate forum and Van Taylor’s absence. She seems to share our belief that Rep Taylor doesn’t serve the needs of Texas’ Third Congressional District as a reliable Republican candidate. From her article:

Taylor’s longtime supporters disapprove of him aligning with Democrats as part of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. They’re also disappointed he relocated his family to the D.C. area (though he maintains a home in the district), a move they believe disconnects him further from his constituents.


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  • Cynthia Hinman

    I saw you on Patriot Streetfighter. Thank you for running! I am very much against Van Taylor — he sold us out by siding with the Democrats in voting to have the Jan 6th Unselect committee and did not insist on pursing all the BLM and Antifa’s destruction and taking down our historic statues and not fighting for getting our patriots out of jail in Washington DC. I’m with you and like your stand for vaccine choice, stopping the illegals from coming into Texas at our border, we must close the border, we must protect our second amendment and we have to fix the 2020 rigged election. We must root out and get rid of ALL the rino’s. I will vote for you. So sorry the Collin Country good ole boys club is treating you badly, but that’s a badge of honor in my books!!! I’ll spread the word FOR YOU!


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